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Park Lane Asset Management GmbH

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Park Lane Asset Management GmbH

Park Lane Asset Management GmbH is a full-service real estate company specialising in the acquisition and managing of portfolios, as well as single assets for institutional and private investors. With an innovative approach and strong local market knowledge, Park Lane provides a maximized return to investors. Our company is lead by real estate advisors and managers with of over 25 years of business experience. With an extensive network of national as well as international real estate players, Park Lane GmbH is highly specialised in Germany's real estate market and creates opportunities with an ability to structure complex transactions.



Park Lane Asset Management Services

Park Lane offers a range of services in real estate business, focused on transparent relationship to the investors and the aim of optimizing and value adding to the assets under management, based on a reporting of international standards and requirements.




 Pre due diligence, with a summary in an early stage to identify future upside potential of real estate offers
 Professional advice, combined with the strong leadership of a due diligence team
 Structuring of highly leveraged financing (senior and junior loans)
 Redevelopment and refurbishment of assets to enhance value
 Definition and subsequent execution of exit and sales strategies
 Professional reporting within international standards and management of cash-flow, etc.
 Property management.